Car Trash Bag ~ Blossom Lattice

$ 28.00
Green Goose Car Trash Bags are designed to keep your car floors and seats neat and tidy. Use them for easy access to a car trash bag while driving.  Use our bags to replace that ugly plastic bag now hanging in your car!  We have created an attractive way to hide your everyday car trash so your car remains organized.  We offer 3 sizes with 3 handle types to accommodate every car interior.  Select from 2 different linings depending on your needs.  We can help you determine which bag will work best for your car!




Measures only 10 inches tall by 7 inches wide. Our small car trash bags are made for small cars that have limited space on the passenger side of the center console. 

Only available with a gearshift or loop handle. 



Measures 11 inches tall by 9 inches wide.  Our full-size car bags are great for day to day car trash but they are not intended to hold several large cups, plastic bottles or more than a few days of fast food trash. 


Measures 12.5 inches tall by 10.25 inches wide.  Our extra large car trash bags are great for those who have lots of leg room on the passenger side of the center console. Used for trash other than just the day to day items.  Will hold a couple of cups and fast food trash. 


GEARSHIFT ~ 18 inch adjustable handle with buckle

This bag hangs from the gearshift (automatic or manual transmission) located on the center console.  Adjust the 18 inch handle with a center release buckle to get a custom fit.  There is a button added to each gearshift bag for decoration purposes only.  The handle does NOT interfere with driving a manual transmission!

 HEADREST ~ 14 inch adjustable handle with buckle

This bag hangs behind a headrest (head restraints bars).  If your headrest lifts up to expose the metal bars, then this bag will work in your car.  Lift the headrest and adjust the 14 inch handle with a center release buckle around the metal bars to get a custom fit.  Push the headrest back down to hold the bag in place.  There is no decorative button with this bag style.  

LOOP ~ FOR HOOKS, 2 inch non-adjustable handle without buckle

This bag can hang anywhere there is a hook.   We add a 2 inch loop handle on this bag.  Perfect for the Honda Odyssey trash bag hooks.  You can use the loop handle on any hook.  Some customers use our car bags for craft rooms, mounted with a 3M hook, etc.

 ★★ LINING ★★


The lining is made of heavy weight white oilcloth. It is wipeable.  With this lining, the car trash bag does not need disposable plastic bags.

STANDARD LINING ~ uses disposable plastic bags 
The standard lining is made of a heavy weight cloth fabric. There is also a stiff piece of fabric (Pellon) added to the inside of the bag to hold a plastic bag in place. With this Pellon insert, you don't have to fold your disposable bags over the top of your pretty trash bag. Just place your disposable plastic bag inside the Pellon insert and wrap over the top, tucking your plastic bag behind it to secure it in place. We provide a sample disposable plastic bag with your bag to get you started. We recommend using grocery store produce bags.


The main bag and handle is made of medium weight cotton twill fabric.  The colors are cherry and cream and it's called Blossom Lattice.  The band colors are turquoise and black. 




We make your bag after you order it! We usually have a 4 - 5 day wait time/ processing time.  

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