Car Headrest Caddy ~ Blue Strudel ~ Turquoise Band

$ 30.00

This bag is designed to hang on the back of a car's HEADREST (head restraint bars).  Our Car Headrest Caddy can help you organize all those KIDS TOYS, VIDEO GAMES, DIAPERS and WIPES or even PET SUPPLIES.  You will be surprised how much it can hold! If your headrest lifts up to expose the metal bars, then this bag will work in your car.  Lift the headrest and adjust the 18 inch handle with a center release buckle around the metal bars to get a custom fit.  Push the headrest back down to hold the bag in place.  The bag measures 10.5 wide at the top.  The bottom of the bag measures 8 inches by 3 inches.  It is 8.5 inches tall.  It has a strong, firm rectangular bottom for strength.  We have lined this bag with wipeable oilcloth for easy clean up.  It is wider than out car trash bags plus is it is not as deep making it easier to reach what's inside.  

★★ COLOR and FABRIC ★★

The main bag and handle is made of light weight cotton.  The background color is light blue and flowers are blue and pink.  The fabric is by Anna Maria Horner. The band is turquoise.  Check out our Shop if you want to see more band color options!