Car Cellphone Caddy ~ Cherry Lotus

$ 20.00

Do you need easy access to your cellphone and sunglasses in the car?  This bag is designed to keep essential items within reach while driving and free up your cup holders.  We have lined this bag with oilcloth for easy clean up. 

In addition to using this bag on your gearshift for your phone and sunglasses, our customers have been telling us about other ways they use this bag: 

  • coins after drive-in purchases
  • iPods
  • on the beach and pool chairs
  • on golf carts
  • in a craft room
  • on the front door for keys 

CENTER CONSOLE GEARSHIFT~ 18 inch adjustable handle with buckle

This handle is designed to hang from the gearshift on the center console.  The 18 inch handle has a buckle so you can adjust the handle length. We recommend hanging this car cellphone caddy from the gearshift to the left of the center console and our gearshift car trash bag to the right, on the passenger side.  This handle will work anywhere you need a small bag.

DASHBOARD GEARSHIFT~ 6 inch non-adjustable handle without buckle

This handle is designed to accommodate the dashboard shifter in many Toyota and Honda models.  This version of our car cellphone caddy has a fixed handle measuring 6 inches long.  It allows the bag to hang from the dashboard shifter or a hook (NO BUCKLES ON THIS HANDLE).  The handles are attached to the side of the bag to keep the bag from tipping forward when the shifter moves.



LOOP ~ FOR HOOKS, 2 inch non-adjustable handle without buckle
For cars that don't have an appropriate gearshift to hang this bag.  Adding a loop to the back of the bag allows you to hang the bag anywhere you have a hook.  Some customers have used a 3M hook mounted to the dashboard or the side of the center console or they have used an air vent clip from an air freshener


Our cellphone caddy is designed so your cellphone sticks up slightly from the top of the bag for easy access to your phone.  Our bags have 2 different heights to accommodate the different sizes of phones.  The bottom of all cellphone caddies measure 4 inches by 2 inches.  The bag flares out to 6 inches wide at the top.  It has a strong, firm rectangular bottom for strength and it's lined with easy wipeable oilcloth for easy clean up.

REGULAR  ~ 5 inches tall
For iPhone 6/7 or smaller

TALL ~ 6 inches tall
For iPhone 6/7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S5


★★ COLOR and FABRIC ★★

The main bag and handle is made of light weight cotton.  The colors are cream and cherry.  The fabric is by Amy Butler called Lotus Cherry. The band is by the same designer called Cherry Dots and we show black too.  


Car Trash Bag/ Headrest Handle:

Car Trash Bag/ Gearshift Handle:

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We make your bag after you order it! We usually have a 4 - 5 day wait time/ processing time.  

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