About Us

How we got started...

We are a husband and wife team that craft in our home workshop to create designer car bags.  Stephanie works as a Registered Nurse in the NICU at the world famous Johns Hopkins Hospital.  When not working, she crafts with Kevin.   Kevin worked as a Corporate Tax Professional for more than 35 years but now works full-time in our home workshop.

I opened our Etsy shop in 2009 for my Mom to sell items she crafted. She was critically ill and living in our home while we cared for her.  It gave her great joy to craft and sell her items on Etsy!  She was so excited when she would make a sale.  My mom taught me sewing from a young age so I've been sewing and quilting for most of my life and did a lot of that with her!  She passed away in 2011 and left behind her love of sewing in me that will never die.  One of the last gifts she ever made me was a car trash bag which I blogged about.  We had lots of comments on my blog about how to get one, and that led to me adding a few of these bags in the shop in the summer of 2012.  I had no idea that my mom's car trash bag would lead to such a thriving Etsy shop! We were invited to join Amazon in October 2013.   Kevin and I are happy with our success.  We have added additional types of car bags based on customer requests.  We pride ourselves in our excellent product and great customer service.  

We craft our bags from our home in Columbia Maryland.  All the bags are made by Kevin and Stephanie puts on the finishing touches.  We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship!