We're Published!

Stephanie and Kevin Hughes

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Our car trash bag has been featured in  Craft Ideas Magazine. We have put together a simple pattern to make your own car trash bag!  It's a simple version of our professionally made bags.  It's the summer 2016 issue.  Hope you enjoy making yours as much as we enjoy making them!   

Our Cellphone Caddies are getting lots of attention!

Stephanie and Kevin Hughes

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Check out our cellphone caddies!  They are making a big hit on Wanelo.  

First Post

Stephanie and Kevin Hughes

Hi to everyone out there!  We have been a thriving shop on Etsy and Amazon for 3 years now but it was time to get with the times and start our own website.  Shopify is a great way to get out car bags out there on multiple social media sites and that's just what we're trying to do.  So here goes!  Kevin and I want to thank everyone for all the past business and for making our business the success that it is!   Sincerely!   Stephanie and Kevin Hughes